San Fransisco

San Fransisco is my absolute favorite city in the world. I am just completely head over heels for the culture, landscape, and history. San Fransisco is a picture perfect city with such a rich culture and wherever you look there is a story to be told. There is no other place like it! I never knew fog could be beautiful until I saw it roll over the Golden Gate Bridge. San Fransisco introduced me to the possibility of becoming a photographer and it showed me that I had the ability to capture a moment in time and share somebodies story in an epic way. In this video you will see the story of a group of friends taking San Fran by storm. I didn't make this video for you, my audience, but for me and the others in the video to look back and reminisce. I hope that in this video you don't leave with "wow what an amazing cinematic experience," because if you do you should really get out more haha. This video was just me playing around and was a stopping point on my road of self discovery and to test myself to find out what I was capable of. I hope you would rather leave by feeling the authenticity of the video. Yes I realize that this video isn't perfect, in fact, it is beyond far it is not even in the same realm, but to me these memories are perfect and that is really what this short film is about.